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Our Project for 2012
This year the Mothers & Daughters Committee have decided to support The Eve Appeal project at UCL.

The research is headed by Dr.Mary McCormack and Professor Martin Widschwendter.

From blood samples the team hope to identify a common denominator for the pre-disposition to develop ovarian cancer - this would help early diagnosis and improve the chances of survival.

Our Fundraising Events 2012
Our first fund raising event for The Eve Appeal was "Flamenco and Fizz", an evening of flamenco dancing and music, which took place in a private home on 26 February 2012. [More ...]

Our main fundraising event of the year was a sell out for the The Eve Appeal. 400 ladies attended our brunch at The Landmark Hotel, London and we are thrilled that this event has raised over £110,000 for ovarian cancer research being carried out by Dr McCormack and Professor Widschwendter at UCLH. [More ...]

For further details or to book you place(s) please contact us

Please help us in our fundraising efforts by making a donation via our Just Giving page.

Members of the Mother's and Daughters Committee were delighted to be presented with the "Group Fundraiser of the Year" award at Breast Cancer Campaign's awards ceremony on Thursday 19 May 2011 at the House of Lords.

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